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Visualnet Security Event Manager (SEM)

Key Features

Forensic Analysis

Automate SIEM Log Aggregation, Analysis, and Reporting Get actionable insights from unified and correlated SIEM log data to detect and handle security risks in real time


Log Monitoring Tool That Includes Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds. A cyber threat intelligence framework is critical for identifying and responding to security threats


Active Response provides preconfigured, customizable actions for incident response based on which trigger conditions are satisfied, enabling you to proactively hunt and stop threats.

Collect and correlate log data to help satisfy various compliance requirements

Security Event Manager (SEM) is built to make it easy to collect and correlate log data from tens of thousands of devices as required by many auditing authorities. Using real-time log analysis and cross-event correlation from sources throughout your entire infrastructure, this compliance monitoring tool can quickly help uncover policy violations, identify attacks, and highlight threats. With full visibility that spans domains and systems, SEM helps streamline your IT compliance reporting.

Generate internal and external regulatory compliance reports

Generating reports with Security Event Manager is simple and reliable. SEM includes built-in report templates for internal and external regulatory compliance, including PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX, NERC CIP, HIPAA, and more. Or, you can create a custom report using the intuitive reporting console


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